The History of Chalkstreams

The links below will take you to the articles and text from illustrated lectures written and given by Simon J. Ward in the mid and late nineteen-nineties about the historic chalk streams of Southern England and the man who lead the way in the development of dry fly fishing on these streams.  He was a country gentleman called George Selwyn Marryat.

“The Evolution and the Development of Fly Fishing on the Chalk Streams of Southern England” An Illustrated Text By Simon J. Ward  
George Selwyn Marryat The Dry Fly Box Mystery Part 1 By Simon J. Ward  
George Selwyn Marryat The Dry Fly Box Mystery Part 2 By Simon J. Ward  

In the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter editions of the journal of the Fly Dressers Guild ‘Flydresser’ in 1996 the centenary year of Marryat’s death Simon J. Ward wrote a series of Commemorative articles for this journal.  This was the first comprehensive appreciation in the modern era of a truly remarkable man.  We are grateful to the ‘Field’ and IPC Media for permission to use material taken from the ‘Field’ used in the articles from the months of February and March 1896.  Catch The Image are happy to include these articles on a non profit making basis within the new historic pages on the Catch The Image website.

A Tribute to the Master - George Selwyn Marryat Remembered (Part 1)
The Marryat Letter - George Selwyn Marryat Remembered (part 2)
The Marryat Legacy - George Selwyn Marryat Remembered (part 3)
The Houghton Fly Fishing Club 1878 – 1892, The Engine Room of the Dry Fly - George Selwyn Marryat Remembered (part 4)

In the Journal of the Flyfishers’ Club two articles were published the first in the Summer 1996 edition called

On the Trail of the Master

The second article from this Journal Summer 1997 edition called

The Missing Links: George Selwyn Marryat’s “Portmanteau” and his Chalk Stream Fly Box



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